Call 207- 774-1981 for personal service When you look good ... we look good too. Caring For Your Ties How to care for your ties... Eliminate wrinkling ... Always unknot your tie when it is not in use. Give it a few days of rest before wearing it again. Hang the tie after wearing and the wrinkles should disappear. Roll your tie tightly and let it sit for a day or 2 if necessary. Clean stains ... Brush the tie one way with a dry wool cloth to remove water stains or, Choose a professional with a good reputation to dry clean your ties. Eliminate frayed or loose threads ... Pulling threads or shaving down with a blade or scissors will damage the tie. DANGER: Exercise Extreme Caution if burning threads off with a match. Instead, we reccomend simply replacing the tie altogether ... Peter Renney's Fashions Peter Renney’s Fashions Portland Maine's Finest Quality Apparel 105 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine 04101   Since    1977 207-774-1981